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Recently my buddy Kevin and I started a podcast called The Disindoctrination Podcast. We seem to be off to a good start with 2 casts and an interview with Ademo Freeman so far. All of this “word pressing” I’ve been doing lately, has re-inspired me to get back on my personal blog again. I’m going to ease back into the writing and try to keep everything short and to the point.

But it will mostly just be rants about the trials and tribulations of doing a podcast from scratch with no prior experience.

You can actually hear the conversations where most of what I’ve learned so far came from, by listening to Michael Dean’s Search Engine Optimization Guide. I don’t come into the cast until Part 2.

If you’re thinking about doing your own podcast or blog you should have a listen and take notes. There’s a ton of good information packed into this series about how to drive more traffic to your site. And doing it without being obnoxious.