Calling all Graphic Artists

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized


Image I was "playing with" on MS Paint

One of the projects that I’m working on requires me to reach out to all 3 of my subscribers. I’m kidding, I think there are like 7 subscribers (thanks guys). This project is for low-cost t-shirt production. Most people who I interact with know that I have a love for t-shirts. Especially cheap ones with a real message.

I’m not necessarily trying to start a clothing company or anything. But in this awesome libertarian world that is getting bigger and bigger everyday, we have lots of artists but strangely, not enough cool shirts to wear.

Now there are always organizations putting their images or logos on shirts and selling them to help support their efforts, which is a great idea, but it’s limited to said organizations main focus. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support our favorite groups messages but I want to see more art work out there. Not just a picture you can click on or set as you desktop background, but stuff that we can wear.

There are quite a few websites that will most certainly do this for you. Although I have found that with some of these “custom graphic” websites like Zazzle or CafePress you get a lot of options to choose from, as well as the ability to upload your own images. You can have it put on anything from a coffee mug to a mouse pad. The one problem I keep noticing is that you don’t receive exactly what you think you’re going to get. This is especially detering when you bust out $23.50 plus shipping, for ONE shirt.

In these seemly 100% automated websites, there is a serious lack of common sense. Like, why would anybody screen print black ink on a black t-shirt? The example below is from a very talented artist whose poster I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with. The shirt I recieved was a far cry from the original print.

The image on the left is the way it is supposed to look.

Obviously I didn’t exactly get what I paid for. Luckily they had a very good return policy and customer support has been awesome. But it wound up that I got a full refund and waste of time. Come to think of it I didn’t even have to return the shirt.

Now I’m not trying to bash these websites they do have a lot of positive attributes. But in the interest of bringing these types of designs and this type of service back to the agora (that’s us) I’m asking that any and all artists that are interested in getting their work onto t-shirts and out there for people to see, to please contact me on FB or simply leave a comment below.

I’ve done quite a few shirts in the past with simple one color designs and am looking to expand to more intracate designs. I wrote a sort of ‘how to’ on screen printing at Unfortunately I seem to lack the ability to get any images of my own work, on a screen. I know there is a ton of talent out there so don’t be shy. Let’s see if we can get a shirt ready before PorcFest (which is in 24 daze, WAHOO! :-)). Anyone who submits their original work will be compensated with one free shirt from the image that I pick. Whomever submits the image that I pick, will share a portion of the profits.  We can discuss these parts further once I see some designs.

Please send this link to any of your friends who you know are crafty with a pencil, brush, tattoo gun or mouse. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe for updates on this and my other projects.

Hope to see you at PorcFest!

  1. goshe says:

    remember the assembly line operation we did while back?

    what was it, 3 minutes a shirt or something

  2. dave says:

    check out my style

  3. Darryl W. Perry says:

    I met someone almost 2 yrs ago that made shirt very cheaply using a stencil & bleach… doesn’t work on white shirts or “bleach resistant” shirts – also the darker the shirt the better the result.

    I believe he mixed water & bleach 1:1 and used a spray bottle… ’tis an idea

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