Freedom for your Ears

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

After a discussion that started on the book of faces with some of the future PorcFest attendees/organizers a short list of liberty-minded podcasts and radio shows has been populated. The list has already expanded significantly. In the intrest of creating a place for this list to live beyond Facebook now you also have this post.

Also if you are trying to get your podcast up and rolling, let me know and I’ll post it on here.

The Podcasts:

  1. Adam Vs. The ManAdam Kokesh
  2. Anti-War Radio – Scott Horton & Charles Goyett                                           
  3. Agorist Radio – Hiro White 
  4. Ask the Anarchist – Joey Hill                        
  5. Complete LibertyWes Bertrand
  6. Cop Block PodcastCloe & Nick Saorsa
  7. Declare Your IndependenceErnest Hancock                               
  8. Free Domain RadioStefan Molyneux
  9. Freedom Feens – Michael Dean & Neema Vedadi
  10. Free Talk LiveIan & Mark
  11. The Lew Rockwell Show – Lew Rockwell                                               
  12. The Libertarian Solution – Nick Coons, Richard Sutton & Jim Iannuzo                                  
  13. Liberty Cap Talk Live – Todd Andrew Barnett
  14. Liberty UndergroundAlex Snitker
  15. NH Liberty Radio – Rich Angell & Bob Constantine 
  16. No State ProjectMarc Stevens
  17. Peace Freedom Prosperity Movement RadioJames Cox    
  18. The Peter Mac ShowPeter McCandless
  19. The Peter Schiff Show – Peter Schiff                                                                
  20. Porc Therapy – Stephanie & Mike                           
  21. Prometheus Unchained – Neal Conner and Dale Everett
  22. Ridley Report Podcast – Dave Ridley
  23. Radio Free Market – Michael McKay
  24. School Sucks Podcast – Brett Veinotte
  25. Sons of Liberty – Bradlee Dean & Jake McMillan
  26. Thinking LibertyDarian, Tennyson, Bosco & Bile
  27. Voice of Radical DissentCorey Moore
  28. Wheels off Liberty – Jamie Crane

This is a “live list,” so if you have any other podcasts that I may have missed, feel free to post your favorite(s) in the comments section and I will add it to the list. Also, whoever added all of the host names and contact info of the original Facebook Doc, please contact me so I can give proper credit for your efforts.


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