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Image I was "playing with" on MS Paint

One of the projects that I’m working on requires me to reach out to all 3 of my subscribers. I’m kidding, I think there are like 7 subscribers (thanks guys). This project is for low-cost t-shirt production. Most people who I interact with know that I have a love for t-shirts. Especially cheap ones with a real message.

I’m not necessarily trying to start a clothing company or anything. But in this awesome libertarian world that is getting bigger and bigger everyday, we have lots of artists but strangely, not enough cool shirts to wear.

Now there are always organizations putting their images or logos on shirts and selling them to help support their efforts, which is a great idea, but it’s limited to said organizations main focus. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support our favorite groups messages but I want to see more art work out there. Not just a picture you can click on or set as you desktop background, but stuff that we can wear.

There are quite a few websites that will most certainly do this for you. Although I have found that with some of these “custom graphic” websites like Zazzle or CafePress you get a lot of options to choose from, as well as the ability to upload your own images. You can have it put on anything from a coffee mug to a mouse pad. The one problem I keep noticing is that you don’t receive exactly what you think you’re going to get. This is especially detering when you bust out $23.50 plus shipping, for ONE shirt.

In these seemly 100% automated websites, there is a serious lack of common sense. Like, why would anybody screen print black ink on a black t-shirt? The example below is from a very talented artist whose poster I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with. The shirt I recieved was a far cry from the original print.

The image on the left is the way it is supposed to look.

Obviously I didn’t exactly get what I paid for. Luckily they had a very good return policy and customer support has been awesome. But it wound up that I got a full refund and waste of time. Come to think of it I didn’t even have to return the shirt.

Now I’m not trying to bash these websites they do have a lot of positive attributes. But in the interest of bringing these types of designs and this type of service back to the agora (that’s us) I’m asking that any and all artists that are interested in getting their work onto t-shirts and out there for people to see, to please contact me on FB or simply leave a comment below.

I’ve done quite a few shirts in the past with simple one color designs and am looking to expand to more intracate designs. I wrote a sort of ‘how to’ on screen printing at Unfortunately I seem to lack the ability to get any images of my own work, on a screen. I know there is a ton of talent out there so don’t be shy. Let’s see if we can get a shirt ready before PorcFest (which is in 24 daze, WAHOO! :-)). Anyone who submits their original work will be compensated with one free shirt from the image that I pick. Whomever submits the image that I pick, will share a portion of the profits.  We can discuss these parts further once I see some designs.

Please send this link to any of your friends who you know are crafty with a pencil, brush, tattoo gun or mouse. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe for updates on this and my other projects.

Hope to see you at PorcFest!


Spring Festival Fail

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This year I wanted to do something a little different at the spring festival from the usual pamphleteering. I decided that with all of the police presence I noticed last year, I should wear my new t-shirt. Also, I made it my goal to complete at least ONE transaction with somebody using silver.

After we parked, it didn’t take all of 30 seconds to see the first cop directing traffic by the festival entrance, he seemed too busy to notice my new shirt. As we where waiting in line to get into the beer garden, I see that there are at least a half dozen cops standing around watching the crowds. Last year, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to them, as long as I’m not doing anything wrong I have nothing to worry about, right? That used to be my mentality about a lot of things.

I needed some cash and spotted the ATM right behind two of the cops. As I’m withdrawing funds, I noticed that the two cops couldn’t help but casually take turns to look at my shirt. I maintained a stare at the ATM screen while noticing them out of the corner of my eye, wondering if they where going to say anything. But alas they let me be.

After a beer and some pop jams from this cover band, (they where pretty cool) I figured I’d go do a little shopping around trying to find the right vendor who might accept my precious metal for their products. The first one I decided to stop at had all of this cool artwork glued to little keepsake boxes, clocks and other random things for you to set on your dresser or hang on the wall. I saw this sweet little box with a combination of shelves and drawers. It had a little PCB board and other electrical components glued to it.

She was asking $40, so I asked the nice lady if she’d accept an ounce of pure .999+ silver for it. At first she was like, “Hmm…I never thought of accepting silver for my stuff”. So I explained to her that she’d be making out better on the deal then me, since an ounce of silver was selling for about $48 at the time. I even showed her the current silver prices on my Android app. But unfortunately, she just wasn’t confident enough and wanted to talk to her brother in-law about it. I said thanks, here is my name and number, I’ll be here until about 7:00 if you change your mind. Although I still haven’t heard back from her yet, I’m hoping that she will at least look into precious metals now.

It get’s better though. After a couple more failed attempts, I spot this stand selling belt buckles and jewelry. I should be able to trade with these guys right? They are aware of the market for sure.

I found one of those cool spinner rings. You know, the kind you can keep spinning around your finger when you’re bored. They where asking for a flat $20 on this one and it’s made out of steel. I offered them one of my half ounce rounds from Delvalley Silver which was worth about $23.50 at the time. Seems like a no-brainer. But the offer was declined. So at this point I said alright, here is some fiat paper currency instead. They gladly accepted. But then chuckled at my comment and asked me why I wanted to use my silver when it’s gone up so much in value lately. I simply told her that I was trying to get it back into the market and that I was trying to spread these alternative ideas.

On the way back to the beer garden, my buddy Kevo stops at a table set up by the Baltimore County Auxiliary Police Team. Instantly they started posturing as they saw me coming with my t-shirt. But they where very receptive to our questions and compared themselves to voluntary fire fighters. They explained that they had the “authority” to make arrests, back-up the Baltimore County Police Department, and write tickets.

As we are having this conversation a group of about 8-10 cops come walking down the sidewalk behind them. I heard a bit of commotion and as I looked up, one of the cops that was in the beer garden earlier, was pointing at me going “Yeah, yeah. See?” Luckily (probably for me) one of his superior officers kinda grabbed him to make him keep walking. It was pretty funny to me because this guy was acting like a high-schooler, trying to provoke an after school fight.

After a couple more questions, we took some of their fliers (I promise next time, I’ll get any conversations like this on film. There was a good, almost positive dialog between us. Probably because they don’t wear guns) then decided to go  back to meet up with the rest of our friends.

Once we got back to the beer garden, all the cops had condensed over to one corner of this fenced in parking lot. I didn’t think much of it and carried on about my business. Then about 20 minutes before we are about to leave, I’m coming out of the port-o-potty and see 6 cops making a b-line through the crowd. I could see that they where heading towards my buddy Kevo! Aww shit, what happened? I’m fumbling for my phone and got over there just quick enough to convince my other buddy to tell me what happened. I’m going to have to upload this after I figure out how to make wordpress recognize .3pg files.

So he get’s thrown out for taking a few pictures of the ridiculous amount of cops that where present. After they made him delete those picture of coarse. But I can sit there interviewing my buddy while clearly wearing a t-shirt with a big portrait of a cop on it and they don’t even say a word to me.

So I don’t know why they singled my buddy out for snapping a few pictures. I guess maybe it was a bit of selective enforcement or something. But we will be back next year and everyone will have camera phones and I WILL trade with silver.

Good day!

Freedom for your Ears

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After a discussion that started on the book of faces with some of the future PorcFest attendees/organizers a short list of liberty-minded podcasts and radio shows has been populated. The list has already expanded significantly. In the intrest of creating a place for this list to live beyond Facebook now you also have this post.

Also if you are trying to get your podcast up and rolling, let me know and I’ll post it on here.

The Podcasts:

  1. Adam Vs. The ManAdam Kokesh
  2. Anti-War Radio – Scott Horton & Charles Goyett                                           
  3. Agorist Radio – Hiro White 
  4. Ask the Anarchist – Joey Hill                        
  5. Complete LibertyWes Bertrand
  6. Cop Block PodcastCloe & Nick Saorsa
  7. Declare Your IndependenceErnest Hancock                               
  8. Free Domain RadioStefan Molyneux
  9. Freedom Feens – Michael Dean & Neema Vedadi
  10. Free Talk LiveIan & Mark
  11. The Lew Rockwell Show – Lew Rockwell                                               
  12. The Libertarian Solution – Nick Coons, Richard Sutton & Jim Iannuzo                                  
  13. Liberty Cap Talk Live – Todd Andrew Barnett
  14. Liberty UndergroundAlex Snitker
  15. NH Liberty Radio – Rich Angell & Bob Constantine 
  16. No State ProjectMarc Stevens
  17. Peace Freedom Prosperity Movement RadioJames Cox    
  18. The Peter Mac ShowPeter McCandless
  19. The Peter Schiff Show – Peter Schiff                                                                
  20. Porc Therapy – Stephanie & Mike                           
  21. Prometheus Unchained – Neal Conner and Dale Everett
  22. Ridley Report Podcast – Dave Ridley
  23. Radio Free Market – Michael McKay
  24. School Sucks Podcast – Brett Veinotte
  25. Sons of Liberty – Bradlee Dean & Jake McMillan
  26. Thinking LibertyDarian, Tennyson, Bosco & Bile
  27. Voice of Radical DissentCorey Moore
  28. Wheels off Liberty – Jamie Crane

This is a “live list,” so if you have any other podcasts that I may have missed, feel free to post your favorite(s) in the comments section and I will add it to the list. Also, whoever added all of the host names and contact info of the original Facebook Doc, please contact me so I can give proper credit for your efforts.