Voluntarily Coming From Truth and Change

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

About 10 years ago I was told that it’d be in my best interest to open a bank account to have somewhere to store the money that I was earning. Seemed reasonably at the time. That’s what you’re supposed to do right?

So I open the account and was told I could open a checking/debit account for easier transactions. I said “Ok cool, sign me up”. I even got a card with my picture on it. This was really exciting for me at the time. I was growing up and taking control of my life.

Little did I know that a year later I was going to get the first in my face dose of “things are not what they seem”. I was tight on cash but was confident that I had enough money [in my year old account] to put some gas in my car. Paid at the pump, gassed up and headed home. The next day I get an email that my account had been over drafted. They had charged me $5 for dropping below the $25 minimum balance requirement.

So I’m getting charged for not have enough funds? How is that right? Then, because of that initial $5 fee my account over drafted from the gas I purchased and I was charged another fee. This one was $30! Now my account balance was actually a negative number. I owed my bank money because I wasn’t thinking about all the fine print from a year ago.

This all started a chain reaction of money issues for me which I was eventually able to work out. But, I’ve never trusted a bank since.

Not too much longer after getting my first taste of being  legally robbed, a major national incident happened. I was sitting in my 11th grade US History class [of all the classes i could have been in] when one of the other teachers came frantically into our class with a TV.  A couple of planes had just plowed into the twin towers. Just watching the videos of the towers falling, I could tell something wasn’t right. It just felt like I was being lied to. Why would these buildings just fall straight down like that? I kept asking myself. Not to mention my school mates where running around excited about how we where getting out early that day. The whole world had changed, almost like a movie.

For the next 7 years I just floated through life. Knowing that things weren’t alright. We’re in all of these wars, gas prices are exploding and we’re in this “Greatest Depression”. I felt trapped. Well then I’m just going to party and work on my career, I decided. So somehow (it’s a long story) I ended up in Las Vegas. Living with a couple gnarly roommates, this is where I really started pulling my head out of the sand.

My roommate walks up to me and starts saying something about this new agenda to combine Canada, the US and Mexico. There was even this supposed new currency called the Amero. How the hell is this possible and I’ve never heard a thing about it? So my rommate shows me this crazy movie [you might have heard of it] called Zeitgeist… “Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be a crazy ride”. This opened the floodgates. I wanted to know MORE.

I had all of these questions now. From “how does nobody know this” to “You mean I don’t have to pay taxes”? Every question I had that got answered, just led me to more questions. Now I had a mission, a goal, something to live for. Expose the truth. Through further research I stumbled upon a little group by the name of We Are Change based out of New York City. Then I started a Meetup for our chapter in Maryland. It’s an awesome thing when you’re searching the internet about a particular topic and you come across a website that you can join and share ideas with other like-minded individuals. It all has to start somewhere.

After a couple years of street actions, protests and hours of conversation with people who just didn’t want to hear any of it, I got frustrated. I get it, so how come my friends and family are so content with ignoring the things I’m trying to show them. All of this anger and frustration led up to one question in my mind, “How can I live free, right now”? It was this question that led me to New Hampshire’s Free State Project.

There are people already joining together to live in liberty oriented communities up in New Hampshire? They’re living there lives to the fullest and not asking for permission?! This is where I stumbled upon the website for the 2010 Porcupine Freedom Festival. Before I could even finish the event description, I was forwarding the link to all of my friends and making preparations to take off of work so I could go see what this festival was all about. This was, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I came in there as a constitutionalist who was getting ready to run for my district’s Republican Central committee. I didn’t want to be a registered republican but I needed to do something more constructive than just my local activism. And boy did PorcFest change that! Who knew a bunch of Anarchists with guns could be so intelligent?

Through many conversations and after watching a ton of great speakers and debates, I was starting to realize something. Freedom doesn’t come from the top down… It comes from within. I realized that I didn’t have to wait for the system to collapse, or for everybody to wake up. I could start living more free everyday.

Leave it to an event like PorcFest to turn a “Truther” into an individualist-anarchist-voluntaryistor whatever you want to label it today. I have had a blast so far, learning ways to avoid all these governmental constraints. And just doing things everyday without anyones permission, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the Non-Agression Principle. I’ve never had such good relationships with friends and such a joy for life since I became a Voluntaryist.

Let me know what you think,


  1. Stacy Litz says:

    Wow, this is a great entry! I love “how I became . . . ” stories! Thank you for posting this — I think people who are still “plugged in” should read this, too! 🙂

  2. Great story, Garrett. We’re very glad you’ve joined us!

  3. Goshe king says:

    Your story and my story’s ending is identical except my start is for one, different and two my journey from truther to constitutionalist to voluntarist was about 8 to 12 months total. In easense I am proud of you, I myself and a few others who have been thought the similar journey and identical results
    Peace to you all with loads of love.

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