You Know Ron Paul Isn’t Going to Win

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

The 2012 presidential elections are already getting rolling, so it’s quite natural for everyone to start looking for their new favorite candidate. People are even getting behind Trump’s campaign. I don’t know if it’s because of his cut throat attitude or his entrepreneurial demeanor, but he does have support (which I’ll never understand).

I’m not here to discuss any of the other candidates strengths or weaknesses. I couldn’t care less who wins. It doesn’t matter what the outcome of the election is, there will still be an administration trying to tell me what is moral one day and immoral the next. Why do people spend so much time and energy supporting the people who they want to be their new leaders masters?

All last weekend up in Philly I was with a few hundred fellow “fed-killers” [hahaha]. I was surprised to see how many people where flailing their Ron Paul 2012 signs around in the air, all the while speaking about how they KNEW he wasn’t going to win. I’m not going to get into any “rigged elections” and “puppet master” reasoning but we all know they are not going to let this man into the oval office. It would be detrimental to any one of the different agendas you may have heard about.

There is constant talk amongst activists about utilizing your energies. No one wants to burn themselves out and waste all of that time and energy when it could have been put to better use somewhere else. That’s why I wanted to know why so many people are supporting a candidate who they knew wasn’t going to win.

After asking a few people what they thought was so amazing about Dr. Paul, it became clear to me that there are even some liberty-minded individuals who still don’t get it. There where answers ranging from “uhh…he want’s to end the fed” to “It’s his message of liberty” and I even heard one “Because he’s the best libertarian leaning candidate”.  So sure there is a plethora of reasons to get behind this man. Take your pick.

My favorite response was the one about his message of liberty. That is truly what it comes down to for me. Living as free and being as free as you possibly can every day. The more people who hear about him through television interviews and book signings the more people are hearing about liberty! Oh but then there will be the debates! I can’t wait to hear about what issues are being discussed in the debates.

There’s so much talk about him and plenty of amazing books and videos all over the web, that I would urge anyone who hasn’t heard about his message to get the looking. And to all  my die hard “I’ve been a Ron Paul fan since ’07” buddies, please remember that he is playing the political game. Please don’t get caught up in it yourselves.

Since I don’t support the idea of anybody else telling me how to live. And since we have to get started somewhere, to release this governments death grip on humanity, and even though I know he’s not going to win [crosses fingers] I still support Ron Paul.

  1. Annie says:

    So on target.. I too value his campaign for its educational value, not for any possibility of political “victory”

  2. Goshe King says:

    Heads up! Foul language here: (fair warning? lets move on)

    So here is a thing or two;
    For one if anyone believes that the presidents get elected; respectfully you are a damn fool.

    I myself somewhat (fingers crossed) support Dr. Paul and I tell you why. He was my first step towards coming across word “liberty”. He was the first who sounded radically different from the disgusting neocons of GOP and retarded socialist democrats who think everything should be free and they shouldn’t have to work for it. (not literally but are you getting the picture?) His message is attractive, and leads to the circle of friends where you will find the actual truth about the whole political system, conspiracy or not but you would at least come across people like the author above, I myself and a lot of other folks who’s comments are to follow this article.

    But may be if you pay attention to one of them you will find the truth about a lot of other things such as the reality of constitution of which Dr. Paul is a huge protector, defender and champion. Pick your flavor of the poison really.

    It is here where you will find that there were 8 presidents before George Washington. You know; to these fucking constitutionalist and others; don’t fucking hide shit from me ok? you let me decide what is write and what’s wrong about this. I don’t need anyone to spoon feed me who was the first president of United States of America.

    My biggest beef with Ron Paul; he voted for afghan war.
    He, among others, has blood on his hands. Choice is simple. Either you are with the oppressors or you are with the suppressed. Either you believe in a lying or you stand by the truth. There is no such thing as half Truth.

    Secondly, every time he talks about WAR issues, why is it that he never says(not in the same sentence) “end the wars because innocent people are dying” He always says, end the wars because they were un con fucking stitutional(unconstitutional). Or at least i haven’t heard him say it yet and wish he did say it. I pay attention to the words. These masons pick and choose their words and actions very carefully.
    (His point is War is legal if congress declares it) Really?

    Here is a history lesson for sheeple liberty movement: The one who wrote the constitution; our very own Thomas Jefferson was the first tyrant who bypass the congress and went to war with Arabian “pirates”. HAHA pirates, yeah right. When we go steal some other nations resources we call it spreading democracy and ones who try to defend it are called pirates or terrorists. What the fuck ever dude.
    To hell with that constitution and the democracy…

    He is not going to win, I agree, but the decision is somewhat tough and the message is confusing. What do you do? Do you give up on him? Do you proceed with it in a hope to “awake” more people and may be some of them will get on the other side of the truth?
    Do you blindly obey? Do you pretend you know what you are doing? Do you wait for a miracle?

  3. nice, well said….treat Ron Paul as a gateway drug to true freedom. as long as along with the message people learn that the real road to freedom starts in the mirror.

    like it or not, there’s a system, and the ones who run the system believe in it, and will use it against the people, as they have done, as they’re doing while i’m typing this, and as they will do in the future… whether we like it, agree with it, or believe in it or not.

    so like you, i’ll support the only guy willing to fire himself and everyone around him for president, all the while knowing that, according to our constitution, what he [any president] does, and what his true scope of work should be, should have no direct affect on my day to day life

    i will say i disagree with the title completely, you, me, and anyone else reading that has NO CLUE what will happen in the future, so exercise caution when you use language like “you know ____ is / isn’t gonna happen”

    otherwise if you’re so sure of the future, what’s your pick for this weekend’s powerball?

  4. Garrett says:

    Thanks fam. I love you guys.

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